23 June 2018

Photo of the Day

Every. Single. Day.

Photo of the Day

Saying goodbye to (another) friend who is leaving life on this side of the globe. An excuse to make cinnamon rolls and fill my house with friends is the only ‘sweet’ side to the bittersweet of another goodbye.

18 June 2018

Quote of the Day

“What you know and understand drives what you become and what you do”

-Sally Clarkson

This has been rolling around in my head lately. I suppose it relates to my recent post about feasting on wisdom. It truly matters so much what we feed ourselves! I work hard to filter what I am feeding my heart and my mind. And I work just as hard to try to help my children have a feast of good stories to feed their little minds and hearts on.

It matters. It’s shapes who I am. It’s shaping who they will become.

12 June 2018

Big Boy Helping

Running errands with this little guy can be a lot of fun!

This day he was so eager to empty the basket onto the belt, even though he could barely reach.



Two year olds are so much fun!

07 June 2018

Guinea Pigs in the House

Babysitting guinea pigs this week. Kids are LOVING it. Except for H, who is apparently very allergic.
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