21 September 2014

Lil’ A Year and a Half Portraits

Here you have ‘em. The portraits I did of my year and a half tot. The real ones this time. No more silly bloopers.

She’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.

IMG_9166 copy

IMG_9172 copy

IMG_9179 copy

IMG_9135 copy

IMG_9184 copy

IMG_9198 copy

IMG_9218 copy

IMG_9226 copy

IMG_9232 copy

IMG_9271 copy

IMG_9274 copy

IMG_9311 copy

IMG_9312 copy

20 September 2014

No Place Like Home

We made it. Lil’ A and I made it to Africa in one piece, barely. You’ll likely hear more about my crazy tot on the airplane at some point. But when our three flights were over Mikey met us at the gate (tears!) and then we had wonderful meetings and visits over the next week. The three of us made our way back to Ohio, were re-united with our big kids, had a twelve hour turn-around and then drove 21 hours back to Colorado.


I feel tried just thinking about it.

Wait. I am tired. I literally can barely keep my eyes open. But it’s too early to go to bed. Gotta be smarter than the jet lag!

So now Mike is gone for the weekend. Which leaves me alone and jet lagging with three kiddos. It’s not real pretty. But it’s what it is.

“Home is the best place in the world!” is what my boy told me a little while after we arrived home on Thursday.

I have to agree… I am so thankful for our home and the community around us. There is nothing like it!

09 September 2014

Mama and Tot to Africa or Bust!


I don’t know whether I’m hopeful or just plain crazy.

Lil’ A and I are soon to board three planes to take us to Africa, where we’ll meet up with Mikey for a regional conference.  I don’t have long, so here are my scattered thoughts, list style.

1. My tot would have been in this quick selfie I just took but she’s getting the grandbaby bath treatment from my Mom right now. Who knows what the next 24 hours will be like, but at least she’ll smell good!

2. I need to remember to make myself a pbj sandwich for dinner. I have 25 minutes. Don’t let me forget.

3. You’d think a week long trip for two people would not require over 100 pounds of luggage. But it does.

4. A pack n play is definitely worth it’s weight in the luggage. Anything that will constrain my child on this trip is a gift.

5. I said goodbye to my big kiddos earlier today. It wasn’t easy. They hardly cared. But I cried. Is that what sending them off to college is like?!

6. Part of what is going to help me through this journey is A. I know lots of people are praying for us and God Himself is with me, and B. That I get to see my hubs on the other side. Except the problem with B is that the remote city he is in has recently had the flight he plans to take tomorrow get cancelled a couple times. So I actually don’t know whether or not he’ll be there to meet us. Oh my.

7. Have I mentioned how busy my babe is? Some of you have heard it a thousand times. But let me state it again just in case. She’s crazy!

8. I have been conducting ‘sitting practice’ during which time I hold her on my lap for a few minutes at a time and tell her “We’re gonna sit now” in a very calm voice. We’ll even play pat-a-cake and count piggies and such. And much screaming and back-arching ensues. My girlie does NOT like to sit.

9. This should be interesting.

10. Gotta go! Loading, sandwich making, etc.

P.S. A special shout out to my parents who have loved for us and cared for us so well these past few weeks. What a gift you are to us!! And to my in-laws! I love you and I am so thankful that I can leave my big kiddos behind knowing that they are in loving and caring hands! You’re amazing, all four of you!!

06 September 2014


I might have gotten more than 5.34 good photos of my little girlie. Yay! But I’m not posting those today. For fun, I’m posting just a few (?!) of the outakes. Photo sessions with toddlers are somethin’ else…

So let’s kick things off with this little kick…


Washed out (my fault).


My assistant (aka my Daddy) is kinda tall. He was helping to get her to look sort of in the right direction.

Sort of.


I’m down here.


On the move.


Dad! Over here!


Her crinkle nose smile. I do love it.


So close to a great pic… just look up!!!


Daaaaddd! Camera is down here!


On the move.


? Moving still.


Falling down for fun.


Look what I can do.


And again.


Yes indeed. So much fun to fall down on the quilt.




Ack. The half blink.


Wrong direction.


Cute butt. Cute curls.


On the move.


Oh my.


Would you say this one is too close?


Whoopsie daisy.


On the move.




Is she mooning me?


A bird! Literally, a huge bird flew overhead.


Picking nose. Classic.


On the move.




Would have been so cute. If she just would have looked at the camera. If.


Would have been so cute. If she just would have looked to the side. If.


The grand finale. It’s definitely [not] a keeper.


Okay! That’s way more outakes than you EVER care to see. In fact I don’t think anyone made it to the end of this post…

Stay tuned for a few good ones!

05 September 2014


This morning I dropped my big kids off at their grandparents (my in-laws) for a day and night. It’s kind of a warm-up to next week. All week.


They were pretty excited.

Later my dear mother-in-law texted me and told me that H and N were being perfect little angels.

I don’t believe her.

But I’m pretending to because I’m reeeeaaaallly enjoying my day with only one child (even if it is by far the one who takes the most work). I mean, I just put her to bed in about 5 minutes flat (at her 7pm bedtime, don’t be jealous now) and she won’t come out asking for a tissue/more prayers/more water/cream for a boo boo/who-know-what-else. She’ll, like, lay down and go to sleep. Now that’s angelic…

So that means now I can do whatever I want.


Did you catch that?

Can someone tell me what that means?

My husband is in Africa, if you were wondering. It’s day 7.  That’s why he’s not in the picture here.  Not that he tells me what to do. But you know what I mean…

Anyway, currently what I want to do is to take a look through the 267 photos I just took of previously  mentioned lots-of-work toddler to see if I got any good portraits out of her in today’s evening light on my recently purchased flea market quilt. And 267 is actually not an exaggeration. It’s precisely the number of pictures. (Your estimate was low Dad, yikes!) Your only hope is that 98% of them are bad so you don’t have to scroll through all of them when I do a post.

Buuuuuttt little lady does NOT hold still which isn’t necessarily ideal for photos. So 2% good photos might be a good estimate. That would give me 5.34 good photos. I might be happy with that, considering the circumstances (and by circumstances I mean personality). Also, I wish I can say that I didn’t use a calculator for that little percentage. But I can’t exactly say that.

Anyway… more on those portraits soon!


P.S. THANK YOU MOM for watching my big kiddos. What a gift!! Love ya.


The other day driving along in the van H announced that he had invented a new game!! Then he explained…

“I rip up a tiny piece of paper, put it in the end of a straw and then blow! It shoots out the other side!”

I laughed.  I asked where he’d seen that. Another kid? A book? A cartoon? Nope. He insisted he invented it. I believe him!

“What do you call your new game?” I asked.

He thought for a moment… “Paper gun” he said.

Paper gun it is!


Now on the rare occasion my older children are riding happily together in the backseat it’s probably because Sweet N is ripping up tiny pieces of paper and handing them to her big brother. He then blows them out the end of the straw all over the van. Honestly I don’t care that it looks like we just celebrated the new year all over my car with confetti everywhere. It’s fun! And he’s cute.

04 September 2014

Something Goin’ for Them

Target has got something (okay, more than one thing) goin’ for them.


This dreamy cart! Where I can strap all my children in at the SAME time!!

No bickering of whose turn it is to ride? Score!

No children playing around in the basket crushing all my purchases? Score!

No children hanging off the side of the cart and bumping strangers in the aisles? Score!

A bit long? True.

But relatively easy to push? Yes!

Thank you, Target, for supporting our decision to have three children! I feel affirmed…