13 October 2014

Awkward Poses–Flashback Edition

Please, let us flashback to our short trip to India in 2011.

My children have such VERY charming poses.




Oh my goodness.  I can’t stop laughing! I sure hope these aren’t used for blackmail one day. Sorry kids, if that happens. This blog is for the good and the bad and awkward…

Classic Fall

I added three kids to my own crew this afternoon. We headed outside on a gorgeous afternoon and it wasn’t long before a master plan had been formed to pile up leaves and jump in!

The photos are sub-par, but they serve the purpose of propping up my memory of a great hour spent outside…















“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” –L.M. Montgomery

11 October 2014

Team Spirit. Almost.

It’s a gorgeous fall day here. The trees outside our home are yellow and lovely.


There is snow on Pikes Peak again.


The the Buckeyes are playing, right? I finally remembered to put the kids in their Buckeye gear. I threw on my Ohio State sweatshirt too. Go team spirit!  We are all decked out for the game. Except for two things.

1.  The main fan of the family didn’t comply with the family wardrobe standard today. Whatever.


2. Turns out the Buckeyes DON’T EVEN PLAY TODAY. Mikey was wrong. Haha! We got a good laugh out of that one. Good thing we were ‘that family’ all wearing team gear out and about on a Saturday IN COLORADO and NOT in Ohio where we would surely look like idiots because there everyone would know that the Buckeyes don’t actually play today…

10 October 2014

Energizer Bunny (Headed for Disaster)

When my youngest child spends time around other people who make comments to me about how busy and non-stop she is I rejoice inside.

“IT’S NOT JUST ME!!!!” I think to myself. Or maybe not to myself. I might exclaim out loud in a sigh of relief to whatever innocent person happens to be standing near me at the time.  I might be at least a little understood in this.  She really is a busy girl. She really doesn’t stop. It’s not cause I’m older this time with a toddler. It’s not cause I forgot what it was like with the other two. It’s just cause she’s a different little person and she happens to be a bit busier than other toddlers. I think she’ll accomplish a lot in her life. Cause she already accomplishes great things each day…

Take for example, one 30 minute period at my parents house this summer.

I was trying to take care of some things and was a bit distracted. I didn’t have my eyes on her 100% of the time. Rookie mistake. Mama fail.

First I discovered her in the kitchen. She had carried two (not one, but two) step stools from one end of the house to the other. She placed them next to the kitchen island and was teetering on top of a stool while feeling around on top of the island for something. I caught her at the right moment because her little fingers were just discovering the handle (thank goodness ) my mother’s very large and extremely sharp Cutco chef’s knife. I grabbed her down and tried with all my might not to think about what I might have found if I was a mere 30 seconds later…

After that, we moved to the living room. I was sitting on the couch.  The recliner was open and she crawled under. “No biggie” I thought. If she’s scared under there she’ll come out. And she never cried and came back out so I thought all was well.  Until I discovered a wet and empty packet of silica gel beads. Yup. She ate the whole packet of them. Lord have mercy. A few minutes and a little internet searching later I was happy to report that her health was not in danger. Oh. My. Word.

Then we were back to the kitchen for snack time. I put her in her booster, gave her a snack and then left to start running her a bath. I came back out about 30 seconds later to discover she had climbed out of her booster and was teetering half on the booster tray, half on the kitchen table… trying to crawl between the two. Ack!










Some of these pics are old and some new. The last one is the best. I took it two days ago. Caught ya baby!

08 October 2014

A Victory

We have a unique living situation. We live on a training campus full of volunteers and students. We rent an apartment on this campus and are surrounded by a flurry of activity most of the time. It’s a wonderful place to live.

Many many people work hard to keep this campus running. I try try try to say thank you so often to people who answer phones, prepare meals, vacuum hallways, spray weeds, replace light bulbs, mow grass, rake leaves, wash windows, do accounting, iron tablecloths, etc. The list goes on and on. You get the idea. Lots of hours are spent keeping this place maintained (we’ve put in our own hours too, don’t get me wrong!). But I’m so deeply appreciative for everyone’s hard work. Sooooo I try to say “Thank you”. And I almost always have a child with me so then we talk how hard people are working and what a blessing they are. We pray that God would bless them and we talk a lot of about different ways we can worship God.

Worship isn’t just singing or praying. Work is worship. Holy fellowship is worship. Pure playtime is worship! Many more things are worship too.

My kids have heard this a lot  because I want them to know that whatever they do, they can do it as worship to God if their hearts are right. It’s a lifestyle.

“Worship God with my life” is a phrase that often runs through my head.

Aaaaaanyway the kids and I ran an errand the other day and on the way out of the building to the car we saw a young lady vacuuming our hallway. “Thank you for vacuuming” I said. “I really appreciate it!”

Then pulling out of the parking lot a young man was spraying weeds in the grass. I slowed down and rolled down the window…. “Thanks so much for doing that!!”

And in the backseat I hear…

“Wow! Yots (lots) of people are worshipping God today, huh Mom!!” said my Sweet N.

I think she’s getting it.


06 October 2014

Felt Like Home

(During the conference in Africa a few weeks ago)

I got tired of chasing Lil’ A around towards the end of the meeting and so I snatched her up and we walked out of the building heading for the canteen to get some Nescafe. We walked down the dusty road dodging all the debris on the ground from the construction that was happening overhead. We passed several doors that smelled of sewage to get to the corner entry door of the small store.

I stepped in and immediately starting swatting flies.

At the counter I asked for what I wanted, using Arabic. I happily waited for him to grab a couple packets of instant coffee for me. Except then he handed me a cup of steaming Nescafe already prepared. Oops! That’s not what I wanted. Miscommunication. Ack! We worked it out and I paid.

Before I turned around to exit he help up his phone and say “I want to take a picture wiz you.”

Um, no thanks.

We exited the canteen back to the street and I nearly stepped on a dead rat outside the door.

Then I proceeded to chuckle to myself until I could find someone to tell the chain of events that had just happened.

Dusty road, construction debris, stinky sewage smelling streets, flies everywhere, Arabic miscommunication, having someone ask to take my picture, aaaaaaand a dead rat almost under my foot.

Felt just like home.

Bed-Head Love

I thought I posted these photos awhile ago but my search only turned up a post about H’s bed head a couple years ago in Africa. He’s pretty cute.

So here is a glimpse of the enjoyment we have each morning when we get Lil’ A out of bed. Wholesome family fun, that’s what seeing her in the morning is…