23 May 2016

Dear Daylight Savings

I think I need to make an apology to daylights savings time.

I used to complain about the inconvenience of moving the clock one hour. It was enough to make us late for church or to make my children rise too early for my liking.

But I’d like to apologize now.

Because the REAL evil is the LACK of daylight savings time.

A couple months ago I noticed that the sky was growing lighter fairly early. So I glanced ahead to see the sunrise times.


Say WHAAAA?! 4:54? Oh no please say it’s not true…

I got nervous. But what I didn’t realize is that if the sun rises at 4:54, that an east facing window actually begins to look quite bright as early s 4:30. So it’s actually even worse than I thought!



My children (who are lacking blackout curtains in their room) are rising earlier than they have in the history of their precious little bounce-out-of-bed-ready-to-go-without-considering-the-state-of-the-drowsy-parents children.

Our current country has a history of waffling about daylight savings time. So much so that my phone automatically changed time and Mike’s didn’t… and we have the same phone on the same network. Weird huh?

I think this month the sunrise is as early as it gets and it should start moving back in the direction that I find more favorable…

19 May 2016

Very Observant

Today, while driving my two littles home through the main street of our part of town, Lil’ A started noticing all the ‘boys’ that she saw.

She started pointing them out…

“Ders a boy”

“And anudder one”

“And anudder one”

“And anudder one”

She continued like this for at least a kilometer. Never did she say “Ders a girl!”… just boys.

SO. MANY. MEN. Everywhere we look. She could have said “Anudder one” a thousand times and she’d just be warming up…

Women? Yes, they are out there too, but we sure don’t see them nearly as much.

It’s a man’s world over here and my girlie sure noticed that today!

03 May 2016

Hanging out in the Boot

I’ve seen people being transported lots of ways in the past.

But this was a new one for me!


Career Day

A couple weeks ago my kids had career day at school.  Things like this always make a little nervous when I first hear about it because the first thought that jumps in my head is “Oh no! How much work is this gonna take for me?!”

It’s terrible of me! (But I know I’m not alone.)

It took them no time at all to declare that they’d like to be a chef and an architect. With a little thought we had outfits planned…


The biggest victory in this outfit was the chef’s hat made by stapling a plastic bag (thank you God that I had a plain white one!) in a ring of folded parchment paper. Easy peazy!


Check out this kid. I can hardly handle it.

He has his recent 3D puzzle model of the Burj Al Khalifa (tallest building in the world in Dubai), his Dad’s padfolio, a tie and combed hair.

Oh my word he was so cute.


He asked for business cards so I whipped some up for him (which he then passed out to his classmates and teachers very proudly like a good little businessman)…


And some plans and sections of the building itself. I couldn't’ help myself.

Success! And it was actually fun!

Best Brother Award

And the best brother award currently goes to this boy… who laid on the floor to play a game with Lil’ A early one morning even though no one asked him to and she didn’t have a clue how to actually play.


So good to see this to balance out all the bickering the kids often do…

A Fleet

H also can get creative.


Especially if it has to do with creating a fleet of Star Wars fighters!

Crafty Girlie

This girl loves to do crafts and in the past few months she’s gotten so creative.


Here she put on display the cute things she had created in just the past day or two. She wanted me to send a picture to her Grammi, because Grammi supplies a lot of her craft supplies!

Love it!

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