31 October 2006


It's 4 am. I tried sleeping. I really did. For an hour or so I laid there. Then I gave reading a shot and skimmed through 75 pages of a book. Then I thought maybe a little snack, a quick trip to the bathroom and my eye-blinder would do the trick. But I laid in bed for at least another hour. Wide awake.

So then I just got plain frustrated and got up. Now I've been on the internet for 1 hour and 44 minutes. Not doing anything particular... just wasting time reading stuff and battling with one pesky mosquito. I've had numerous chances to smash it, but I fear the noise of my hands slapping together would wake Mike, and he'd be really delirious and confused about why I wasn't in bed. It might be mildly entertaining for me to see him get up and look for me, but I rather he keep sleeping... he needs it.

I'm meant to wake up at 6:50 so we can be on the bus to language school at 7:30. Not gonna happen. Think I'll fall asleep in the next hour or so? Then when the alarm goes off, I'll tell Mikey that I'm not going anywhere and guiltily roll over and snuggle my head back into the pillow for another couple hours. Don't I deserve it?... it's been a rough night.

The problem is my mind. It won't stop racing. Too much to think about. So much happening (and not so much happening all at the same time) How's a girl to slow down her mind when there is so much buzzing around inside of it? Drives me nuts.

Question: Am I an insomniac because I have sporadic sleepless nights?...

29 October 2006


Never thought I'd pay 4 dollars for a dozen eggs. 4 stinkin' dollars. Maybe I should take into account that they are most likely 'organic' eggs (they're kinda puny, so I don't think they've caught onto the use of hormones yet), and in the U.S., people pay a bunch of money for organic foods. But I must admit I never paid extra for anything organic! Anyway... 4 bucks for 12. That makes each one 33 cents each. We had a friend who accidently dropped one, and her husband gasped and looked on with horror... she quickly scooped it into a cup and put in the fridge so that it wouldn't go to waste. Couldn't bear to see 33 cents go down the drain like that....

I think this recent egg-inflation is taking the biggest hit on Mike. Poor guy. I had to cut his 3-egg omelet down to 2 eggs, and also cut back his omelet consumption in general... he's having a hard time coping.
he he

Think of me when you crack open your 8 cent egg...

22 October 2006

Eid Eve

Today was the first time I went to the market by myself. Don't ask me why I chose today. Pretty sure it is the equivalent of the Day-after-Thanksgiving shopping in the U.S. See, tomorrow is the Muslim Holiday Eid. It is the celebration of the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting during daylight hours). And they celebrate this holiday by visiting all their friends and family, and eating like horses! It's the biggest holiday of the year. Everyone is wanting to look their best, have their home in tip-top condition, and serve the nicest refreshments this week to their visitors. Everyone is making special preparations.

So anyway, the market was madness! It's a good thing Mike didn't come... he would be HATED every moment. There are at least twice as many people selling things as usual, and I think every citizen of Khartoum is out there buying from them. It was full on pushing and shoving, rummaging and bartering.

And I had a GREAT time.

Of course, I got much more attention than I would have liked... (got a marriage proposal today, because Mikey wasn't by my side to scare off the fellas). But I ignored all the stares and bargained with the best of 'em. Sometimes I think I actually got the local price, and not the foreigner price!

They were selling anything you could imagine... especially if you were in the market for some gaudy-middle-easternish decorations, cheap clothing, plastic shoes, fake-brand cosmetic products, and mobile phone accessories. You know... the typical third world local market kinda stuff.

The place was bustling... with loud music playing at some shops, and other areas had all their workers saying some sort of a chant to tell everyone the price and try to sell more stuff. People arguing over prices, buying fancy sweets, greeting each other... all the while walking on more garbage in the streets than you have ever seen.

The sun was beating down and I was exhausted by the time I reached back home with my purchases. But I had a wonderful time, and somehow... I feel a bit more at home here having experienced this day out there with all the rest.

16 October 2006


Last night, our bedroom reached an ALL-TIME low of 77.2 degrees. (gotta love those portable digital clock/thermometers!) I woke up in the middle of the night to pull an extra cover on. And then I woke up again, later... still COLD! It was 77, and I was so cold.

That is not normal.

Anyway, this morning at school we asked our teacher how to say blanket. Later this week we're gonna go shopping for some bataaniyya...
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