29 October 2006


Never thought I'd pay 4 dollars for a dozen eggs. 4 stinkin' dollars. Maybe I should take into account that they are most likely 'organic' eggs (they're kinda puny, so I don't think they've caught onto the use of hormones yet), and in the U.S., people pay a bunch of money for organic foods. But I must admit I never paid extra for anything organic! Anyway... 4 bucks for 12. That makes each one 33 cents each. We had a friend who accidently dropped one, and her husband gasped and looked on with horror... she quickly scooped it into a cup and put in the fridge so that it wouldn't go to waste. Couldn't bear to see 33 cents go down the drain like that....

I think this recent egg-inflation is taking the biggest hit on Mike. Poor guy. I had to cut his 3-egg omelet down to 2 eggs, and also cut back his omelet consumption in general... he's having a hard time coping.
he he

Think of me when you crack open your 8 cent egg...

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