22 April 2007

Ice Suppliers

So, there is a family that lives on the roof of the building we live in. They are a young local couple with 3 small kids.

A couple months ago the Mom came to the door to ask for some ice. It was because her baby had a fever I think. Then a little later she asked for more... for a burn maybe?

Then she started sending down her little sister to gather ice from us a few times... with no explanation. And today, I open the door after a hearty knock, and it's the 3 year old boy holding a thermos up above his head... looking at me with his big brown eyes. He didn't say anything, and I'm used to this routine now. "Dagigga" I say (Just a minute)... and I go fill up the bucket with ice.

The breakthrough though... is that this little boy has for a LONG time burst into tears when he sees me in the stairway. Sometimes, if I try to shake his hand he will burst into tears and run for cover.

But today, I think we finally hit a turning point in our relationship...

10 April 2007


Summer is here. And that is not said with glee like a young child finishing the last day of school dreaming of summer swimming pool trips and evenings at the ball field.

Woke up, stood up, and the sweating began.

A friend said it reached at least 110 degrees in his compound... in the shade, not the sun. In the sun, my estimate is that it must be about 210 degrees. he he Still has at least 10 or 15 more degrees to climb before peak summer temperatures are reached.

Another friend (a medical doctor from the UK who has lived here for 7 years) said that medically, she's not quite sure how it's possible to live each day in such temperatures. But somehow we manage to stay alive.

And there are the other 'joys' of summer... they cut off all the water, then they cut off all the electricity (today at the same time). And currently we are being blessed with a large dust-storm.

Anybody wanna come visit?? Didn't think so.

08 April 2007


He is risen! He is risen indeed!

I grew up sharing this greeting at church on Easter Sunday mornings. This morning we shared this same greeting as we celebrated Christ's resurrection on the beachy bank of the river at sunrise this morning. How comforting it was to me...

Today was a good Easter day. Not like any other Easter, but good. After the early morning worship service concluded and we all stood up off our mats to brush the sand off of ourselves, we shared a community breakfast. Homemade cinnamon buns (no frozen ones here!), fresh fruit, coffee, egg-wraps... yum!! Great fare for a pregnant girl who doesn't cook much lately! For a long time everyone stood out on the beach chatting and laughing together. Kids (and adults too) made sculptures in the sand; "He is Alive!" one read. The sun rose higher in the sky and soon it wasn't comfortable to stand in the heat any longer. We packed into the vehicles and headed home.

We had a quiet break before we went to celebrate again with our house church. Once again, there as an amazing spread of food (people really pull out all the stops for Easter lunch!) and kids running everywhere. We then sat together and to share from our hearts what God has been teaching us through this most Holy Week and worshiped together with songs and prayers. Followed by, of course... much more chatting and laughter.

I feel so joyful today. Joyful to have good friends around when family is so far. Joyful to have food and laughter to share. Joyful to celebrate this day... this most VERY special day. The day that all of history was waiting for. The day that has changed MY life and the lives of all human-kind forever.

Thank you, dear Lord Jesus Christ, for coming to die for me, that I might be washed of my sin; that I might be made pearly white before the Father's throne. And thank you, precious Jesus, that you overcame death. You and are so very alive today in my heart and you are so very alive in every seemingly dark corner of this world that is so dear to your heart. Thank you for your sacrifice...

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