10 April 2007


Summer is here. And that is not said with glee like a young child finishing the last day of school dreaming of summer swimming pool trips and evenings at the ball field.

Woke up, stood up, and the sweating began.

A friend said it reached at least 110 degrees in his compound... in the shade, not the sun. In the sun, my estimate is that it must be about 210 degrees. he he Still has at least 10 or 15 more degrees to climb before peak summer temperatures are reached.

Another friend (a medical doctor from the UK who has lived here for 7 years) said that medically, she's not quite sure how it's possible to live each day in such temperatures. But somehow we manage to stay alive.

And there are the other 'joys' of summer... they cut off all the water, then they cut off all the electricity (today at the same time). And currently we are being blessed with a large dust-storm.

Anybody wanna come visit?? Didn't think so.

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