25 June 2007


We're sitting at our desk working away. I hear a strange noise and we look up at each other.

"What's that noise?" I ask
'It's raining" Mike replies nonchalantly
"It's WHAT?!"
"It's raining."

So, I shove the curtain back and sure enough... it's raining. I did what any girl (or maybe just me) would do in Africa in the middle of summer. (After all, it hasn't rained in months, and I endured a six hour power cut earlier in the day...) I quickly ran out to the back courtyard, and stood in the rain. Even turned my face up to feel the lovely wetness on my head.

Then I looked down at my nice pale pink shirt and I realized that it was not actually raining rain. It was raining mud.

After a few moments of trying to get my head wrapped around the fact that my shirt and probably my face and all the rest of me was now covered in drops of mud... I sheepishly went inside, washed my face and changed my shirt.

So much for a nice refreshing shower...

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