30 July 2007


He's off. And go figure... they didn't even check his papers we worked so hard to get yesterday. I guess that's just the way it goes around here...

29 July 2007

False Alarm

Nevermind. After a short nap, Mike called me. The rules for foreign travelers changed this week (as they do most weeks, I suppose). They refused to let him travel without prior permission from 'the offices.' So, we spent at least 8 hours going from office to office in the city, getting papers from this guy, stamps here, signatures there, copies for this one, pictures for that.

Just as we had given up, the 'big man' from one of the offices pulled up in his motorcycle and handed over the document that we had been working on all day. Permission granted. We think.

Tomorrow will make another painfully early morning. IF we managed all the right stamps and signatures, and IF the flight doesn't get cancelled, then maybe he'll be on his way.

One of the longest, most exhausting days we've had here. Too many of those would really do us in. But today, it's nothing a good meal, a foot soak, and an early night's rest won't fix.

28 July 2007

Airport Run

Well, I just dropped my husband off at the airport. One of those painfully early flights. He's going to the south for 4 days. It's really not a big deal, but generally I feel a little lost and sad without him. It was different when he left me alone at our house in the states. It was great actually... ate sandwiches for every meal, spent time dropping in on friends and NOT listening to talk radio in the morning commute! But not so great here. Mostly just boring. Last time he left I had a car accident. Not my fault but got totally blamed for the whole thing. Traumatizing.

So, I drove home just as the street lamps were switching off. Such a peaceful time of day. I pulled a covering over my head in hopes the policemen would maybe not notice that I'm a white lady and not be tempted to give me any trouble. So far it worked.

Here's to a restful Sunday and a hopefully uneventful week...

25 July 2007

3 years

Today, we celebrate 3 years of marriage.

I never knew how much my love for this man could grow over time. From the time I met him, I was drawn by his sense of humor, his depth, his dreams, his ambitions, his giftings, his values. At the time of marriage, there was not a doubt in my soul that he was the man for me, I loved him greatly and was excited to begin life by his side. I was so proud to become his wife.

As 3 years have passed, my love for him has grown so much deeper. I've always heard it said... and now it's me saying it. We have been nearly constant companions through many changes and adventures... but it's the normal moments when he brings me a cup of water before bed, or we're discussing whats in the news; washing the dishes together or taking a walk at twilight that I nearly get overwhelmed by my love for him. My respect for him and appreciation for the person that he is at his core has grown deep as I walk through life with him.

Caring for this precious man; being his best friend and his lover brings a depth of joy to my life that I never knew existed before.

A page is turned in this life, he's making her his wife
And there is no secret to the Source of this much life...

15 July 2007


Last night, my somewhat regular insomnia was happily endured.

What did it take?

None other than Anne ('spelt with an E!'), Marilla, Matthew, Gilbert (just marry him already!!), Diana (who married FRED??) and so many more dear friends. Okay, not real friends... but they sure do feel like it. Gotta love Anne of Green Gables... 3 disc set, 6 sides in total. Not a cure for for insomnia, but for a girl like me... a fairly pleasant way to spend the hours until morning comes (or at least 4am).

Thanks sister... you knew just what I would need.

01 July 2007

Emirates - The Airline

It's official. We are coming home to deliver the baby. And it just so happened that the cheapest tickets are on one of the nicest airlines ever!! Emirates is based out of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf. We've flown with them before and it was like a dream...

Anyway, once the tickets were booked, Mike started doing some research on the airline. Well, mostly on the airline's award winning entertainment system. (Number one in the world in 2006). Each seat has it's own screen with billions of channels (seems like), and even video games and trivia vs. the other passengers!

So, he quickly plopped on the bed, face to my expanding tummy, and proceeded to tell our son all about the fun he'll have on the plane. He paused, and then said "Well, you won't have so much fun on the flight on the way there, cause you'll still be hanging out in the belly... but on the way back you and I can stay up all night watching movies and playing video games..."

Can't wait to see my husband playing video games with our 4 week old son on a 14 hour trans-continental flight...

he he
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