25 July 2007

3 years

Today, we celebrate 3 years of marriage.

I never knew how much my love for this man could grow over time. From the time I met him, I was drawn by his sense of humor, his depth, his dreams, his ambitions, his giftings, his values. At the time of marriage, there was not a doubt in my soul that he was the man for me, I loved him greatly and was excited to begin life by his side. I was so proud to become his wife.

As 3 years have passed, my love for him has grown so much deeper. I've always heard it said... and now it's me saying it. We have been nearly constant companions through many changes and adventures... but it's the normal moments when he brings me a cup of water before bed, or we're discussing whats in the news; washing the dishes together or taking a walk at twilight that I nearly get overwhelmed by my love for him. My respect for him and appreciation for the person that he is at his core has grown deep as I walk through life with him.

Caring for this precious man; being his best friend and his lover brings a depth of joy to my life that I never knew existed before.

A page is turned in this life, he's making her his wife
And there is no secret to the Source of this much life...

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