28 July 2007

Airport Run

Well, I just dropped my husband off at the airport. One of those painfully early flights. He's going to the south for 4 days. It's really not a big deal, but generally I feel a little lost and sad without him. It was different when he left me alone at our house in the states. It was great actually... ate sandwiches for every meal, spent time dropping in on friends and NOT listening to talk radio in the morning commute! But not so great here. Mostly just boring. Last time he left I had a car accident. Not my fault but got totally blamed for the whole thing. Traumatizing.

So, I drove home just as the street lamps were switching off. Such a peaceful time of day. I pulled a covering over my head in hopes the policemen would maybe not notice that I'm a white lady and not be tempted to give me any trouble. So far it worked.

Here's to a restful Sunday and a hopefully uneventful week...

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