01 July 2007

Emirates - The Airline

It's official. We are coming home to deliver the baby. And it just so happened that the cheapest tickets are on one of the nicest airlines ever!! Emirates is based out of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf. We've flown with them before and it was like a dream...

Anyway, once the tickets were booked, Mike started doing some research on the airline. Well, mostly on the airline's award winning entertainment system. (Number one in the world in 2006). Each seat has it's own screen with billions of channels (seems like), and even video games and trivia vs. the other passengers!

So, he quickly plopped on the bed, face to my expanding tummy, and proceeded to tell our son all about the fun he'll have on the plane. He paused, and then said "Well, you won't have so much fun on the flight on the way there, cause you'll still be hanging out in the belly... but on the way back you and I can stay up all night watching movies and playing video games..."

Can't wait to see my husband playing video games with our 4 week old son on a 14 hour trans-continental flight...

he he

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