29 July 2007

False Alarm

Nevermind. After a short nap, Mike called me. The rules for foreign travelers changed this week (as they do most weeks, I suppose). They refused to let him travel without prior permission from 'the offices.' So, we spent at least 8 hours going from office to office in the city, getting papers from this guy, stamps here, signatures there, copies for this one, pictures for that.

Just as we had given up, the 'big man' from one of the offices pulled up in his motorcycle and handed over the document that we had been working on all day. Permission granted. We think.

Tomorrow will make another painfully early morning. IF we managed all the right stamps and signatures, and IF the flight doesn't get cancelled, then maybe he'll be on his way.

One of the longest, most exhausting days we've had here. Too many of those would really do us in. But today, it's nothing a good meal, a foot soak, and an early night's rest won't fix.

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