05 December 2007

For the First Time

For the first time ever... today I got a professional massage! It was my 26th birthday present from my husband, and it was amazing. He's so thoughtful! 50 minutes of total relaxation. I was spoiled! A good friend of mine has been getting massages occasionally for years... now I see why!

It was the perfect end to the mini-vacation that we took as a family. We will go back home in a few days, and before we leave it was good to take a little break. We went for a few swims and learned that our boy is not a fan of the pool yet... but he sure was cute in his little swimmers diapers that came up to his chest! And we ate waffles at the continental breakfast and read free US Today newspapers (great hotel perk). It was fun!

Things are busy as we prepare to go. We're sad to leave our families and to take the baby far from all of their loving and adoring arms... but we are excited to return to the place we call home and settle in.

And the truth is... we'll back again
before we know it to see Mike's sister tie the knot next summer! Whooo-hoooo!

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