14 December 2007


So, traveling with a baby is a whole new game...

Stairs and escalators don't work very well with a stroller... where ARE those those elevators? (usually not in the direction you're headed)

Extra luggage, carry-ons, stroller, car seat and baby too? (Yep! And no extra hands!)

Which bathrooms on the airplane have changing tables? (Not all of them, that's for sure)

Will baby's ears pop during takeoff and landing? (Not this time!)

Do you have to tip the guy who comes to the boarding gate to take you in the elevator to the tarmac? (We didn't... is that a problem?)

Are the people behind us going through security frustrated cause we're taking so long? (If they are... too bad)

Will people stare at me when I feed the baby at the airport? (Most definitely)

Can I eat my tray of food and hold baby at the same time? (Not yet... maybe I'll learn the art in the future)

Is there enough room to nurse baby in my seat with a very large man on my right and a lady behind me who won't let me lean my seat back? (Yes, but it's terribly uncomfortable and awkward)

Will an untimely dirty diaper make me miss the end of a really good in-flight movie? (Yes, and that probably won't be the only time...)

Luckily, my tiny baby is quite a traveling trooper... he hardly made a peep!! And we learned A LOT about traveling with a baby in the process. But we are glad that part is over...

Onto new challenges of mosquitoes and (gasp) cloth diapers!!

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