28 January 2008


Two terms that we have added to our vocabulary:

1. Milk Bomb: A baby who has a full belly of milk and isn't able to close the stomach flap (that is NOT the medical term) fully. Milk might fly at any moment... so you better watch out. Milk could exit the infant in a gurgle or with a more projectile force.

2. Milk Bum (not to be confused with term #1): A baby who has a full belly of milk and seems very satisfied. This state can be identified by the half-closed and glazed over eyes, the goofy crooked grin, and the drunken-like-state in which the baby is behaving. Mothers, this is a good sign.

25 January 2008

What My Boy H is Made of…

When I was pregnant with H, I didn’t feel very well. There aren’t many ‘convenience’ snacks available here, but they do sell these little packs of cookies.

Needless to say, I ate a lot of these packs of cookies when I was pregnant with H.

He’s basically made of custard cookies.

Maybe that’s why he’s so sweet. Ha!

vmkla 160

23 January 2008

Today's Events

Today brought two unexpected events.

1. My boy's first laugh!! Who knew that a "guh-guh-guh" from Dad would bring out a little giggle in our baby boy? Yeah!! You can be sure that now we will spend every spare minute for the next couple days experimenting in all types of baby-talk trying to get him to reproduce that sound. Just chalk it up to proud first-time parents. You'd do the same (and some of you have, right?).

2. It's cold!! 73 degrees in the house now, and I'm freezing. Sweat pants, hoodie, even socks with my flip flops. I know... desperate times call for desperate measures. It even rained today, which is unheard of this time in the desert. And some people would chalk that up to global warming.

he he

20 January 2008

Sunday Picture

He's got the cutest grin, don't you agree?

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

The other day my friend said: "I have struck the word 'should' from my vocabulary." She said it was because it always implies guilt.

Who wants to feel guilty all the time? I don't. I should try to do the same.

13 January 2008

Oh No

I yanked on the tape once, and a bird flew out of the tree. I yanked on the tape again and a bird's egg fell out of the tree and smashed at my feet.

Apparently birds like to build their nests out of cassette tape tape.

I feel sad now.

Cassette tape tape

Have you ever noticed when you happen upon a trash dump (more common in this part of the world than others) that there is always some cassette tape tape twisting in the breeze and glimmering in the sun? Or perhaps it's rolling in a misshapen ball across an open space. It has always seemed to caught my eye in the past. I recall wondering many times... "why is there always so much cassette tape tape in trash dumps?" I mean, whose cassette tapes are they? Why didn't they want them anymore? Did they pull all the cassette tape tape out of the cassette tape before throwing it in the trash? Do dogs love to rip open cassette tapes and pull out all the tape? How does all that cassette tape tape get out of the cassette tape? Does anyone else ever notice all the cassette tape tape in trash dumps besides me?

Well, this afternoon, I was in our courtyard and I saw a strand of cassette tape tape hanging from our tree. I think I'll go pull it down now.

08 January 2008


Today I got motivated to make our life here more sustainable. When we go back and forth, we load our suitcases down with stuff that we can't get here, or stuff that is available here for a VERY high price. But it would be good if I could get creative with what IS available here and cut down on that list a bit.

So, I have decided to make my own reusable baby wipes. Turns out it's really easy, it's good for baby's skin, and it's SO cost effective. We already wash cloth diapers, so why not toss in some wipes too? I also made my own disinfecting spray for the changing table. But I will bring back some essence oils to make it smell more like citrus and less like vinegar.

I mean, who wants to load down luggage with a case of baby wipes and lysol disinfecting wipes when the space could be used to carry books, chocolate chips, or my L'oreal face creme?

Who knows what else I'll come up with in the next few days...
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