13 January 2008

Cassette tape tape

Have you ever noticed when you happen upon a trash dump (more common in this part of the world than others) that there is always some cassette tape tape twisting in the breeze and glimmering in the sun? Or perhaps it's rolling in a misshapen ball across an open space. It has always seemed to caught my eye in the past. I recall wondering many times... "why is there always so much cassette tape tape in trash dumps?" I mean, whose cassette tapes are they? Why didn't they want them anymore? Did they pull all the cassette tape tape out of the cassette tape before throwing it in the trash? Do dogs love to rip open cassette tapes and pull out all the tape? How does all that cassette tape tape get out of the cassette tape? Does anyone else ever notice all the cassette tape tape in trash dumps besides me?

Well, this afternoon, I was in our courtyard and I saw a strand of cassette tape tape hanging from our tree. I think I'll go pull it down now.

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