08 January 2008


Today I got motivated to make our life here more sustainable. When we go back and forth, we load our suitcases down with stuff that we can't get here, or stuff that is available here for a VERY high price. But it would be good if I could get creative with what IS available here and cut down on that list a bit.

So, I have decided to make my own reusable baby wipes. Turns out it's really easy, it's good for baby's skin, and it's SO cost effective. We already wash cloth diapers, so why not toss in some wipes too? I also made my own disinfecting spray for the changing table. But I will bring back some essence oils to make it smell more like citrus and less like vinegar.

I mean, who wants to load down luggage with a case of baby wipes and lysol disinfecting wipes when the space could be used to carry books, chocolate chips, or my L'oreal face creme?

Who knows what else I'll come up with in the next few days...

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