23 January 2008

Today's Events

Today brought two unexpected events.

1. My boy's first laugh!! Who knew that a "guh-guh-guh" from Dad would bring out a little giggle in our baby boy? Yeah!! You can be sure that now we will spend every spare minute for the next couple days experimenting in all types of baby-talk trying to get him to reproduce that sound. Just chalk it up to proud first-time parents. You'd do the same (and some of you have, right?).

2. It's cold!! 73 degrees in the house now, and I'm freezing. Sweat pants, hoodie, even socks with my flip flops. I know... desperate times call for desperate measures. It even rained today, which is unheard of this time in the desert. And some people would chalk that up to global warming.

he he

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