24 March 2008


We have been battling ants. The last battleground was the length of floor between our bedroom (where the desk sits) and the bathroom. I have filled countless holes with caulk, glue, ant powder, etc. And they persisted for a couple days, but it seems I won the fight on that front.

There are medium black ants that have pinchers that sting. There are small super fast ants that run in crazy patterns. There are small fire ants that has a long-lasting sting. There are teeny food-loving ants that would scale Mount Everest for one solitary crumb of anything.

They number as many stars in the sky and grains of sand in the desert. In fact I believe our house may be held up on nothing but their tiny (but oh-so-strong) backs.

They come out from the grout between the tiles. They come out from teeny holes in the wall no bigger than a pinpoint. They come out from under metal stripping. They come out from behind the washing machine. They come in from windows that don't seal. They come out of anywhere and everywhere. And today, they were coming out of my laptop. Many of them. In fact I am risking some painful stings at this very moment.

The desk is strewn with ant carcasses. I smash them with my finger when they unknowingly exit from the depths of the computer to the open expanse of the desktop where they have no defense.

Ooh... Maybe I am shrinking their colony with each key I press!!


T-A-K-E T-H-A-T !!!!

(uh oh, that means that the inside of my computer will be strewn with ant carcasses?)
What's a girl to do?

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