16 March 2008

Got My Groove Back

I used to make and decorate lots of cakes. I loved it, and often thought that if we had stayed in the U.S., I may have made a go at a weekend cake-decorating business. Once we moved here, for some reason I thought that because of the heat and because of different ingredient availability, that I couldn't decorate. And although it is incredibly hard to find a recipe that produces a cake that will remain moist in this climate... it's possible. And icing ingredients (mainly butter) are quite expensive, but it is available. Anyway, I have recently re-discovered my love for cake decorating!!

Today I hosted a "Farewell-for-now" ladies luncheon in honor of a friend who is leaving us for awhile. I am amazed that it is literally days of work to prepare a nice setting and a simple soup and sandwich menu. But it was great fun and we had a fabulous time.

I was especially pleased with how the tables and cake turned out. This one was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing (made by draining plain yogurt). But now the cake is only a memory lingering in our tummies.

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