17 March 2008

Over the Phone

Hearing my husband's voice over a phone line late at night takes me back...

...The phone would ring at 11pm. It was 9pm where he was, and 9pm is when free nights and weekends began. Yes, we planned our relationship around Verizon's calling plan. HA!

Virtually our entire pre-marriage relationship was long distance. Some might say this is foolish. "How did you know what it was gonna be like to see him every day?" Well, frankly I didn't... but it definately has worked out! I think it did, however, help us learn to talk A LOT. Even now, we share meaningless details about all sorts of things with each other. I think it all began when we talked about so many things over the phone in those days. All we had to share with each other were words.

I would lay in bed in my cozy apartment on the steep Cincinnati street a mile from campus with the lights from the road shining through the window. The hours would fly by. It's such a sweet season in any growing relationship when two people can talk for hours on end, about nothing and about everything. Laughing, contemplating, planning, and then quieting down to such gentle tones as the hours crept on and both became sleepy, yet not wanting to hang up and be separate from each other again. I would hear the softest "goodnight love"... and I'd hang up and snuggle down into the quilts. I'd drift off, finding true warmth from a heart full of peace and love and anticipation of the future with this man that had found his way into my life.

And I still have that feeling each night when I snuggle in next to him...

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