09 April 2008

My Plants

The other day I decided that our courtyard was too small for all the potted plants that sit out there. So I choose two large and one small one to move and had Mike put them in the street on either side of our gate... I thought maybe they would look 'welcoming.'

Within five minutes the man from two gates down rang the bell and asked if we wanted them. Mike told him "Yes, my wife thinks they look beautiful out here," and the man left. Within the next hour one of them disappeared. It was the ugliest one, so that was okay. We actually got a kick out of picturing someone grabbing that huge pot and hurrying down the street with it. Anyway, I quickly wired the other two to a pole. It wasn't a lock and chain or anything, but at least it would send the message that we did actually want the plants to stay there. I was pleased with how they looked.

In the morning I was happy to see they were still there, but I noted that the leaves looked a bit thin. The morning after that the leaves off the big plant were all gone and the small plant was gone in its entirety (but the pot was still there).

It took a minute to register. Of course. No wonder no one else has plants sitting outside their gates. The neighborhood goat eats them. That silly goat that wanders the street ate my plants.

I quickly unwound the wire from the plants. Now I would be thrilled if someone would walk off with them. No luck yet. One empty pot and one plant with just some scrawny stems. Any takers?

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