30 May 2008

A Day of Study

I spent many hours today with a pen over my ear, my nose in a book, my laptop in front of me... scribbling on one sheet of paper all kinds of notes and questions.

The focus of my studies? Infant vaccinations.

Controversy has grown in the last few years and as a new parent I want to educate myself as we make decisions for our child.

The main concerns are the possible side-effects of vaccines (of which autism is center stage at the moment), the necessity of certain vaccines, the ingredients in some vaccines (questionable ones including animal cells, mercury and aluminum), and the timing of vaccines.

The general conclusion that I came to at the end of the day is that ideally all the vaccines would be given... but spread over a few years instead of the first 18 months. However, our situation is unique and will probably mean my boy will have a more rigorous vaccine schedule than I would like.

It's such a dilemma though, because if you choose not to vaccinate y0ur child, you are taking a risk that he could catch something serious. But if you do vaccinate your child, you are risking those rare but dangerous side effects that do occasionally happen. Either way I hate thinking about it!

Or as my husband so eloquently mentioned..."Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Anyway, all this conjures up such feelings of responsibility and worry and love for my little son. I'm a parent responsible for the life of this precious boy. This is serious stuff.

If you'd like to study for yourself... I highly recommend Dr. Sear's The Vaccine Book. It gives a very informative and non-bias view on the entire topic. Read for yourself. I was certainly educated and enlightened.

26 May 2008

Little Buddies

Awhile back we were sitting outside eating dinner. My boy was sitting with us in his chair. As we are chatting, M turns to him and in the same I'm-talking-with-a-little-baby-voice that one would say... "Are you playing with your feet?" or "You're SOOOOOOO big!!" M says to him... "Are you playing with your flies?"

Needless to say... there were quite a few flies around. And apparently they are now my baby's little buddies.

23 May 2008

The Solution

My son started drinking water awhile ago. It's a good thing cause the poor kid sweats baby-sized buckets. We've tried a regular cup and a sippy cup. The regular cup just drenches the front of him with water and the sippy cup gets gnawed on like a dog bone. So we have to use a bottle. But he loves to drink water and wants to drink it all day and night. Baby sleeps in a 90+ room with a fan blowing on him from only a few feet away, so no one can blame him for wanting to wet his whistle sometimes in the night.

This morning, the power cut at 4:30. It was HOT. The air was humid, thick, and standing still. We all woke up miserable. M brought me a couple cold water bottles from the fridge that I tucked behind my neck and against my chest... this took the edge off for me. But little H wasn't too comfortable either. So we took turns caring for him... giving him his cork, a drink of water, etc.

Anyway... over lunch today, we were chatting about how for a few nights now we have been getting up to give him a drink of water in the night and how we don't really want to condition him to wake up for a drink of water. We were considering different options when the perfect solution hit me. We could hang one of those gerbil water bottles over the edge of his crib. Then he could just help himself.

What do you think? Call me crazy, but I think it would work!!

22 May 2008

Gooey Baby

H is chowing down on his homemade teething biscuit. I didn't realize that he's need a full bath after each chewing session.

21 May 2008


I have recently been on a quest to create the perfect pizza (or maybe not perfect... but just a really good one!). So far I haven't succeeded. Anyway... tonight as I was trying a new pizza dough recipe... it instructed to let the dough rise in a warm place... 75-85 degrees.

Uh oh.

I looked at Mike, and he smiled and said... "Well, I guess you could put it in the fridge."

17 May 2008

Lighten the Mood

Last weekend things were a little tense around here. When discussing the advantages of a satellite phone, my husband suggested instead that we just get an 'escape pod.' The pod could be stored under our house. When we felt it necessary to use the pod, we could move a picture on the wall and hit the red button that would bring the escape pod above ground. We could all then climb in, strap up, and hit yet another red button to launch us into space. We would then land safely on the moon.

Sound good?

Question. Is it really safe to land on the moon?
Question. If it is safe to land on the moon, could I also use the escape pod when the water and electricity are both cut at the same time in the heat of summer?

06 May 2008

Name Suggestions

My sister teaches math at a city school in North Carolina. Her 7th grade students were eager to offer name suggestions for baby boy. Including: Fresh, Unnell, Grace (yes for a boy), Jaquavious, Math, and Showyourwork.

The last one is hysterical to me! Even I can hear my long string of math teachers in the back of my head... "Show your work, Show you work!" Now my sister is that 'voice' in many other kids' heads!
He he

I admire their enthusiasm, but needless to say... my sis will not be choosing any one of these very 'unique' names!

03 May 2008


A neighbor is getting married and a PAR-TAY is about to get started! There was a party for women two nights ago in their house. There was a party last night with a small tent and a live singer in the street. There is a party starting soon with the mother-of-all-tents blocking the whole road! We can't pull our car into our courtyard cause there are poles and all sorts of tent parts, plastic chairs, and fancy lights blocking the way!

I just returned from walking through the market about an hour ago. And to reach my gate we had to walk by a large circle of women beginning to celebrate. One or two were playing djembes and some others were singing together. My boy had everyone's attention, and his rosy little cheeks were of course... pinched!

We were invited to come back and join the party (which is still not really started yet at 8pm). The bride and groom have not arrived yet, and neither has the DJ or the video camera men who set up their big screens to feed live video onto. I'd like to join the festivities, but my boy is already down for the night and I couldn't possibly get him up to take him. Everyone would love to see him, but he may go deaf from the loud music and he may spit up his whole dinner on some nice lady because she was throwing him in the air too many times.

Anyone wanna come babysit so I can go snap my fingers and eat some cold meat with the other ladies?
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