03 May 2008


A neighbor is getting married and a PAR-TAY is about to get started! There was a party for women two nights ago in their house. There was a party last night with a small tent and a live singer in the street. There is a party starting soon with the mother-of-all-tents blocking the whole road! We can't pull our car into our courtyard cause there are poles and all sorts of tent parts, plastic chairs, and fancy lights blocking the way!

I just returned from walking through the market about an hour ago. And to reach my gate we had to walk by a large circle of women beginning to celebrate. One or two were playing djembes and some others were singing together. My boy had everyone's attention, and his rosy little cheeks were of course... pinched!

We were invited to come back and join the party (which is still not really started yet at 8pm). The bride and groom have not arrived yet, and neither has the DJ or the video camera men who set up their big screens to feed live video onto. I'd like to join the festivities, but my boy is already down for the night and I couldn't possibly get him up to take him. Everyone would love to see him, but he may go deaf from the loud music and he may spit up his whole dinner on some nice lady because she was throwing him in the air too many times.

Anyone wanna come babysit so I can go snap my fingers and eat some cold meat with the other ladies?

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