23 May 2008

The Solution

My son started drinking water awhile ago. It's a good thing cause the poor kid sweats baby-sized buckets. We've tried a regular cup and a sippy cup. The regular cup just drenches the front of him with water and the sippy cup gets gnawed on like a dog bone. So we have to use a bottle. But he loves to drink water and wants to drink it all day and night. Baby sleeps in a 90+ room with a fan blowing on him from only a few feet away, so no one can blame him for wanting to wet his whistle sometimes in the night.

This morning, the power cut at 4:30. It was HOT. The air was humid, thick, and standing still. We all woke up miserable. M brought me a couple cold water bottles from the fridge that I tucked behind my neck and against my chest... this took the edge off for me. But little H wasn't too comfortable either. So we took turns caring for him... giving him his cork, a drink of water, etc.

Anyway... over lunch today, we were chatting about how for a few nights now we have been getting up to give him a drink of water in the night and how we don't really want to condition him to wake up for a drink of water. We were considering different options when the perfect solution hit me. We could hang one of those gerbil water bottles over the edge of his crib. Then he could just help himself.

What do you think? Call me crazy, but I think it would work!!

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