10 June 2008

"The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up"

The first rains always take us by surprise. It never fails that we leave windows open, leave chair cushions outside, forget to open water-drainage grates, and do other absent-minded things that we regret later. Today was the day. Rainy season has begun. It rained for a few hours this afternoon and the city is already drowning. Entire streets become lakes, cars get stuck in mud, roofs leak, etc. This city is definitely built for sand, not rain.

And even though rainy season adds a whole new set of challenges to life here... it's kind of refreshing at the same time. We were out when the rains came and by the time we were home we were all filthy and drenched.

I decided that my baby may as well have a little splash in the big mud puddle that is our courtyard now. I think he enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too.

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