30 August 2008

Another Sweet Creation

These are the two cakes (and chocolate covered pretzel rods) that I decorated for my dear sister's baby shower a month ago. Mmmnnn, I could eat them all over again!

What a special day that was...

29 August 2008


Today I decided to vacuum my sister's house. It's quite a lot of carpet and wondered what I would do with the baby to keep him out of my way and happy. So I popped him in a walker (which he can't walk in cause the carpet is too thick) and put him where he could see me. Turns out he LOVES to watch me vacuum! For almost an hour his little head went back and forth and back and forth watching me vacuum room after room. I'd say his neck is warmed up to watch some tennis! He even had cheerios and apple juice as refreshments. At least there is one housekeeping thing I can do with a little squirt awake in the house!

Of course, we won't have this joy at my house... we don't have carpet, let alone a vacuum!

27 August 2008

Last Week

Last week we spent some down time in Arizona with friends. H and his partner-in-crime S had a great time exploring a new place. They found a lot of things to get into... but they sure look cute doing it, wouldn't you say?

14 August 2008

Crusty Nose

Let's admit it... before you're a Mom and you see a little kid with a crusty, snotty nose, you think "Sick... why doesn't the Mom clean up that crusty snotty nose?!... I'll never let my kid go around with a crusty snotty nose."

Well, I repent for my judgmental thoughts. My baby has his first cold ever, and not only has been going around with a crusty, snotty nose... but there are also some very yucky adult sized boogers in there. And I don't really care. He usually puts up such a fuss when it gets wiped and it would need to be wiped again about 45 seconds later, so what's the point?

So, if you happen to see my precious boy anytime soon... I apologize for the crusty snotty nose. If you're a mom (or grandma or loving aunty), you'll understand.

11 August 2008

The Latest Thing...

H's latest thing is to pull things out of containers, off of shelves, etc. This morning he pulled all of M's clothes out of his drawer, then he pulled all the stuff out of his diaper bag and all the toys off his shelf. This afternoon he worked on emptying the hamper and this evening he pulled all the magnets off a friend's fridge. It's pretty fun to watch.

But I wonder why it's not nearly as fun to put everything back IN the drawer?...

07 August 2008

Cozy Cuddle

I was sorting pictures, and found this sweetest shot of M cuddling H after a short swim a few weeks ago. Look at those blue eyes!
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