14 August 2008

Crusty Nose

Let's admit it... before you're a Mom and you see a little kid with a crusty, snotty nose, you think "Sick... why doesn't the Mom clean up that crusty snotty nose?!... I'll never let my kid go around with a crusty snotty nose."

Well, I repent for my judgmental thoughts. My baby has his first cold ever, and not only has been going around with a crusty, snotty nose... but there are also some very yucky adult sized boogers in there. And I don't really care. He usually puts up such a fuss when it gets wiped and it would need to be wiped again about 45 seconds later, so what's the point?

So, if you happen to see my precious boy anytime soon... I apologize for the crusty snotty nose. If you're a mom (or grandma or loving aunty), you'll understand.

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