30 September 2008


Today I unpacked our family's luggage for the fifteenth time in the past three months. Previously each 'unpack' was quickly followed by another pack. But this time there is no more 'pack' in the foreseeable future.

15 September 2008

Big Cuz, Little Cuz

Cousins H and D got to know each other today. My baby (looking so big here) really loves his baby cousin and gave him lovies!

14 September 2008

Little Bundle

A most precious little boy arrived into the world today. Baby D made his appearance at 1pm today... weighing 9 pounds and 1 ounce. He was long awaited... making his Mama and Dad wait a few (ahhemm... NINE) extra days. But boy... was he worth the wait or what?!

I am so thrilled to be his Aunty. Can't wait to know him and love him forever and ever and ever and ever.

10 September 2008


This morning we woke up to frigid temperatures... mid 50's! Well, I love fall... so as soon as my boy went down for his morning nap, I rushed out to the porch with fleece hoodie, fuzzy blanket, steaming, sweet, frothy drink, and my Bible. Birds chirping, locusts humming their sweeping sound from the tops of the trees, and the sun shining through the leaves. All observed from my cozy refuge cuddled under the blanket.

It was glorious! I am so glad to have a taste of fall before we return home!
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