18 October 2008

Four Stops

Tonight we spent the evening with friends. We made four stops...

First stop: Walk along the Nile. The sun was setting and it was nice! The bumpy 'sidewalk,' overgrown shrubbery and mud puddles made it a little less enjoyable... but nice nonetheless.

Second stop: A new hotel in the city. Opened a month ago. Crazy expensive... 400 bucks a night. We felt like we were in a different world. The place was gorgeous! They had a number of different restaurants and lounges, a beautiful lobby and even a hookah garden! Too bad that you have to pay $3,250 a year just to use the pool. But a girl can dream, right?

Third stop: Roadside juice bar. These are common here. Fresh squeezed juice! Mango, banana, orange, grapefruit, grape, apple... take your pick and expect it to be blended with half a cup of sugar. $2 a cup... now this is more our price range!

Fourth stop: The new 5 pound shop! ($2.50). Let me tell you... this is revolutionary! 'Fixed prices' are rare in our part of the city, as are 'one-stop-shops'! This shop had clothes, candles, toys, dishes, dustpans, tupperware, plastic baskets, party supplies, tote bags, hair dye, disposable razors, mirrors, and so much more! The only item I purchased was a new toilet bowl brush... but I'll be back for more fixed-price shopping soon!

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