30 November 2008

Counter-top Companion

H is my counter-top companion. Washing dishes, cooking, baking... whatever I'm doing, he likes to do it too! Or he likes to watch the guys play football in the square out back, or he likes to open and close the windows, or he likes to grab the dishwashing liquid, or he likes to push things off the counter with his feet, or he likes to taste-test what I'm making, or he likes to play with lids to jars, or he likes to...

27 November 2008

Pumpkin Process

Today is pumpkin pie baking day... but the process must start ahead of time! No canned Libby's pureed pumpkin here, but thank goodness we have fresh pumpkin! It takes awhile to get it to the stage where you can bake with it, so here it goes!

Fresh pumpkin from the market. Luckily it's already sliced!

First I rinse it...

Then chop into smaller pieces...


Scrape the good stuff of the skin...

And then blend with my handy dandy blender...

and just like that... we have fresh pureed pumpkin ready for pie!

Happy Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie eating to all! We have SO much to be thankful for!

22 November 2008

First Cake

This is my son's first birthday cake! After looking at lots of ideas in books and on the internet, I ended up doing a design that I came up with on my own. Brightly colored kid shapes! I was really pleased with how it looked, but I am still working hard to try to find a white or yellow cake recipe that turns out light in this climate. It's hard!

Half Marathon

This morning my husband and three friends ran a half-marathon. They started running for exercise earlier in the year, then started officially training, and decided to top it off with a half-marathon! The 13 miles took them over 4 of the The Nile bridges in the city. My boy and I made up the proud fan club and water-team, meeting them outside the flat for water halfway, and then driving to meet them a little further along for more refreshment. We finished the morning with a fabulous brunch together! It was fun!

And, while we're on the topic of big accomplishments... today my son learned how to 'blow' when we wipe his nose.

Don't I have such talented men in my life?
he he

04 November 2008

Birthday Boy

Today H turned 1! It was a busy and fun day for our little toddler.

A day in the life of the birthday boy:

1. Woke up happy!

2. Time at the park with friends. He spent most of his time putting the water bottle around his neck and walking around.

3. Helping Mom with the laundry later in the morning. Once again, he spent most of his time putting laundry around his neck. This little boy really loves to put things around his neck... it's funny!

4. Opening his birthday Tonka trucks! Yay! Thanks!

5. Playing in his new froggie tent! Yay! Thanks!

6. Before his haircut... everyone has been telling me for months that he looks like a girl. I thought I would wait for his first bithday to cut his hair. Don't ask me why!

7. After his haircut. Wow! He really looks like a little boy now! Such a change!

8. Some cake and ice cream... everywhere!!

9. A fun after-cake bath on the balcony! Freedom to splash!

How blessed we are to have this boy. He has been so fun lately... toddling everywhere, mimicking us, making funny faces, loving people, full of silly antics, playing so well by himself and sleeping like a charm. what MORE could a mother ask for?

Not much... let me tell ya!
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