04 November 2008

Birthday Boy

Today H turned 1! It was a busy and fun day for our little toddler.

A day in the life of the birthday boy:

1. Woke up happy!

2. Time at the park with friends. He spent most of his time putting the water bottle around his neck and walking around.

3. Helping Mom with the laundry later in the morning. Once again, he spent most of his time putting laundry around his neck. This little boy really loves to put things around his neck... it's funny!

4. Opening his birthday Tonka trucks! Yay! Thanks!

5. Playing in his new froggie tent! Yay! Thanks!

6. Before his haircut... everyone has been telling me for months that he looks like a girl. I thought I would wait for his first bithday to cut his hair. Don't ask me why!

7. After his haircut. Wow! He really looks like a little boy now! Such a change!

8. Some cake and ice cream... everywhere!!

9. A fun after-cake bath on the balcony! Freedom to splash!

How blessed we are to have this boy. He has been so fun lately... toddling everywhere, mimicking us, making funny faces, loving people, full of silly antics, playing so well by himself and sleeping like a charm. what MORE could a mother ask for?

Not much... let me tell ya!

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