24 January 2009

An Afternoon at the Pool

Some friends invited us to join them at an embassy pool yesterday afternoon. We accepted the invitation and I tried to hang up the phone before I screamed and jumped up and down out of excitement (okay, not really). But I could have... HIGH was my level of happiness to get a break from daily life.

A couple years ago there was a local hotel with a club that we joined. We could swim, lounge on chairs and relax in the gorgeous garden for a break from the daily grind. Not long after we joined, they banned women from the pool. Really. Yea... we got our money back on that one, but my bitterness remains.

Anyway, we had such a nice time yesterday.
We didn't get any shots of him in the water, but he still loves it!! (and the camera).

What exactly is IN that BELLY??

Maybe a little pool water from all his splashing around and a LOT of... POTATO CHIPS!!

Look, he's offering to share with you!!

He sat on the table with his hand (and sometimes his head) buried in that bag for at least thirty minutes. I guess he loves potato chips. Who can blame him... I mean, he is my son, his Grammi's grandson, his Poppi's grandson, his Auntie's nephew, and his great-grandma's great-grandson (just to mention a few).


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