13 January 2009

Neighborhood Wedding

The other day, our neighbors were having a wedding. It was a BIG wedding. We were very excited when the groom and his father came to our gate to invite us to the afternoon event.

This is the (usually) empty square behind our house... I have never seen it so full of cars.

This is our car. The silver one. Under the tree. Surrounded by other cars. Any suggestions?

We went as a family for about 20 meters until we split up (as is customary). Mike entered a huge outdoor tent with lots of men and I was escorted into the house where all the women and children were. After sitting awkwardly for a few moments, I was served a plate of food and began chatting with a new friend. I was happy to have found a lovely lady who spoke English and was feeling a big smug about my ability to pull chicken off the bone and eat it using no utensils and only my right hand. (Believe me, I have come a long way from my boneless-skinless-meat-eating-childhood to be able to pull off that feat!)

Later, there was music coming from out back and I had finished my meal so I decided it would be a good time to hunt down my son that was carried off by a stranger (also customary). I walked through another room and stepped out into the back courtyard. And boy was I taken by surprise!!

I had no idea there were this many women back there! I had no idea there was ANOTHER huge tent set up and I had no idea how this unexpected blast of color would literally take my breath away! I'm certain a grin spread across my face as I stepped into the sea of coral and seafoam, golden jewelry and black eyeliner... reaching down one aisle of swaying women to lift my son into my arms.

We wove our way to the back of the crowd where I could stand and grin at the women without being stared back at. The lady-singer sounded beautiful (although I never did manage to locate her amongst the crowd in the front). At one point the groom and his father appeared and happily braved the sea of estrogen to be swallowed up into the color wave.

I managed to snap a few pictures with my boy balanced on my hip before a young lady walked up to me to say "No picturing please."
"No picturing please."
"Oh, okay, sorry..."

After awhile longer with that stupid grin on my face we wove our way back out to the front of the house. We met Mike (who didn't have nearly as an exciting time as we did!) and walked the 20 meters back home across the square.

I don't think I'll forget that feeling of being swallowed up in color for a long time... these women are truly special.

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