07 January 2009

Now That's Dedication

My very dedicated husband rose out of bed yesterday morning at 4am to watch a very jumpy live stream of OSU vs. Texas. It was almost like watching it on a real TV... um, just kidding. It's more like what it was... a skipp-y, fuzzy teeny picture on a computer screen sitting in the tiny office while Mike 'relaxes' in his office chair. I watched a little, but maybe my love of football is more about being around people, sitting on comfortable furniture (and not the plastic stool I drug in the teeny office) and eating balls of peanut butter dipped in chocolate, and potato chips, and cheese ball, and shredded chicken sandwiches and baby carrots dipped in ranch dressing, and seven layer mexican bean dip with nachos and... wait... is this blog supposed to be about food? What was I talking about before...?

Oh yeah. My husband. Right. He's such a loyal fan.

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