07 February 2009

Little Boys and Dirt

My boy has never seen someone grab a dirty old juice bottle from the parking lot and start filling it with handfuls of dirt. How does he know that little boys are supposed to do that?

Well, maybe no one taught him... but he definitely knows his job. He does it well. He does it repeatedly. He does it gleefully. Then he adds water to the bottle, making a muddy mess. Then he sits down on top of a bag of potato chips and pops them open. Then he tries to help the construction workers with their brick laying. Then he plops on a cushion soaked with an unknown liquid and soaks his bottom. Then he takes a strangers cell phone. Then he takes the strangers television remote and walks away with it. Then he grabs three long poles and starts swinging them around. Then he digs in some bags for something to eat. Then he wonders off to say hello to the old man sitting by himself. Then he bangs on the metal table with his hands... Then he... Then he... Then he...


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