25 February 2009


Today, I taught my first computer class ever. When I shared recently that I was going to be available on Wednesdays for two hours in the afternoon to help with emails, or computers, or whatever... a small cheer was raised up. Apparently I should I have done this a long time ago. Why didn't I think of it earlier?

So, today at 1:30 I dropped my baby off with a friend and carried a couple laptops to the meeting place. And I soon had 4 eager pupils! They were so happy to learn how to use a computer. They each have VERY limited experience. We are talking basics here. I started with "You have to slide the latch over to lift up the screen."

How we take our exposure to computers for granted...

Anyway, I had about 10 minutes warning that I was going to have a few students wanting to learn the basics (I really thought no one would show up) and so I quickly searched for some tools to use to teach them. I came across 'mouserobics.' (click the link... go ahead, see how long it takes you to finish all 30 steps. It took each of them approximately 1 hour.)

Anyway... it ended up being the perfect way to introduce things like how to point and click, check buttons, close boxes, scroll, highlight, fill in forms, and the big finale... COPY AND PASTE! This was the big times folks. When all 4 students correctly copied and pasted the correct words into the correct boxes... oh how the pride welled up in my heart. They're such fast learners.


It was such fun. And now I really have to take it more seriously with lessons plans and schedules. And I should learn some Arabic computer terms. I need to have a plan to get them to the goals of proficient emailing, internet surfing, and newsletter writing!

Can't wait for next week's class...

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