01 March 2009


Yesterday we had an (un)-birthday around here. And the day before that we had a party for the (un)-birthday boy.

H did like wearing the birthday hat that he (I) decorated when I first put it on him. Needless to say, he later decided he DID NOT like the hat any longer. I still liked it on him, the pouty face just made it so much more charming...

And, we had friends over for dinner and dined outside. Our balcony has been recently painted, so now we are really enjoying it! After it got dark, we re-arranged things and watched a movie projected on the wall. The Count of Monte Cristo was nearly life-size! But then a dust-storm blew in. We were literally chewing on dust and stuff was blowing around big time... but we persevered to the end of the movie!!

Happy Birthday honey! Life with you is wonderful!

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