13 March 2009

Exhaust Pipe

Yesterday, we were driving across the city. Traffic was thick. As a big truck pulled up beside our small car we hear a long 'scraaaaape'. Oops. This is not generally a big deal. People are trading scrapes and bumps all the time. What you usually do is get out of the car, look at the damage, say something to the driver, and then you both get back in a drive off. Sometimes someone feels like they should yell. Usually it's wasted breath. A trip to the police station to make a report and etc etc is just not worth the trouble. Luckily, we bought an old car... so when it gets more scrapes and bumps... we REALLY don't care. (Unless of course it's a big bump that prevents the car door from opening, in which case Mikey will hold the other driver's license hostage until the man takes the car across the street immediately to the body repair-shop to get the door banged out. Then the license is happily returned and Mikey makes it home in time for dinner.)

ANYWAY, yesterday the man jumped down from his truck, kneeled down behind his truck and easily yanked his exhaust pipe out from under the vehicle and threw it in the back of his truck. Then he jumped back in. He even skipped the customary 'few words' to the one he scraped. He didn't even try to blame us! Weird!!

Whats even weirder is that apparently that old yucky exhaust pipe was merely for looks. Not my idea of vehicle ornamentation, but whatever...

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