13 March 2009

Friday Visit

At this wedding a couple months ago, I met a lovely lady who spoke some English. A week later, I tried to visit her in her house but she wasn't there. So I chatted with her Mom and met her University-age daughter.

Then a couple weeks ago, Mike met a friendly older man at the neighborhood car mechanic. He invited us to come and visit. Today as we stood in the street discussing which gate I went in when I visited the ladies and which gate the man instructed Mike to come to... we learned that the lovely lady and the friendly man are married! Isn't that wonderful?

They served us some fresh lemon juice, ushered us into their formal 'receiving' room with HUGE fishtank and swarming mosquitoes and served my son many, many chocolates. We chatted.

The highlight of the conversation was the topic of music. He loves music. He loves soul. He loves American oldies. And he loves the Dixie Chicks. The Dixie Chicks.

Where am I again? Someone please remind me.

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