31 March 2009

Photoshop Actions

I was an interior design major my freshman year of college. And even though I changed majors after that one very challenging year, the foundational design knowledge I learned during that time has been PRICELESS to me since then. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I not only came away with those skills but also with Adobe Photoshop! The version is a bit outdated now, but that makes no difference to me... I am so thankful for it! I know I haven't begun to tap into it's abilities.

All that to say that I finally did learn one more of its capabilites... I learned how to use Photoshop 'actions'. I have been running across these for awhile now on various blogs and decided to do a little self-teaching. And boy am I glad that I did!

I downloaded a couple free sets of actions from The Pioneer Woman. There are fancy action packages you can buy but I will have to consider that and save up if I ever wanna go that route. For now I am happy with her freebies (her first set can be found here) and other freebies I can find on the web. The Pioneer woman explains actions and gives some examples on this site.

I'll show you some examples I did with PW's actions. This shot was taken in Colorado Springs when H was about 8 months old. I have always like this shot, but it is so much lovlier with these somewhat subtle changes.

This one (above) is the shot straight out of the camera. Isn't he precious?

This is 'Soft and Faded'.

'Fresh and Colorful' makes it much brighter.

This one is called 'Seventies'. It is one of my favorites! Would you believe me if I told you he was born in '75?

See how this one changes the colors a bit (yellow sleeper is now greenish)? 'Colorized'

And this is your basic 'Black and White'.

I love trying new things! Thanks Pioneer Woman for giving these away!

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