06 March 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

My son is TOTALLY in the mimicking stage. He copies everything. The good and the bad. He'll rub your back if he sees someone else do it, but he'd probably also pick a wedgie if he saw you do THAT. Funny. Yet scary.

Anyway, he sees me water the plants most days. Monkey see, monkey do. My son see, my son do. This one, however, I can live with.

"I get the water from here, right? Are you gonna tell me 'No' if I start playing in this wet messy wonderfulness?" (No H, I won't say no!)

"Look Mama, I got some water!"

"Yup, definately water in there! This is fun!"

"Let's start here, this one looks pretty dry"

"Now this one"

"Oops, where did the water go? The flowers are still dry!"

"Oh, this one is just my size..."

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