07 April 2009

Ready for Bed

H has a bedtime routine. Dinner, bath, PJs, run around a little, storytime with Dad, and then bed. I think he must like his routine (he is his father's son, after all.)

The other night the evening had slipped away from us and it was nearly an hour past his bedtime. he had his bath, had his PJs on and was in the middle of his run-around time (which is really just when Mike kinda straightens the house and gets a couple last things done before he puts him down). Anyway, Mike wondered where H was and looked in his room to find him standing at the foot of the reading chair. He had already chosen some books from the shelf, put them on the footstool, and was patiently waiting for his Daddy to come in and read to him.

I think the precious little boy must have been tired.

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