24 April 2009


I've been playing around with silhouettes. Actually, I have been trying for MONTHS to get a sharp silhouette photograph of my son. The right angle, the right lighting, and the most important... he needed to STOP MOVING. I know, impossible, right? Why even embark on such an impossible task?!

ANYway, I got it. And do you know what it took? A movie. I should have known. So simple.

Anyway, I finally got the shot and have been playing around in Photoshop. I was on my way to 'classic' silhouette, black on plain white, when I stumbled upon this.

It is just a work-in-progress on my Photoshop desktop, and I love it! I didn't purposefully add any of these elements for the sake of the 'composition', they are all just steps in the making! I think I'll still finish to get the classic look to see what I think, but this unique one might be the one that ends up on the wall.

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