11 August 2009

Big Boy in a Big Bed

My boy had his first night in a 'big boy' bed earlier this week. He was really excited during the day when I showed him his new bed. He loves that he can climb in all by himself.

He went to sleep with no problem, and when we checked on him before we went to to bed he was literally stretched out as much as possible (for a tiny tot). Arms straight up above his head and legs and feet stretched straight down. As if we'd been confining him in his crib and now he finally was FREE FREE FREE to stretch out.
he he

Anyway, I heard some noise at 4am and decided to take a peek. Somehow he had overcome the obstacle of the bed rail, fallen (or climbed) out of bed and was curled up on his tummy sound asleep on the hardwood floor.

Oh my goodness.

Luckily, since then... it's been going better. :)

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