13 September 2009

Joe (G.I. Joe, that is)

Yesterday Joe entered our lives for the first time. He was a party favor at a baby shower. I had no idea how quickly he would become part of our family.

Joe showed up at the breakfast table first thing in the morning, and I heard myself say "No, no... don't put Joe in your breakfast please, H."

Then I paused to contemplate the strange sentence I had so naturally just uttered.

But then, later in the day, disaster struck. Joe's leg fell off. Call the paramedics! We have to get him to the hospital!! He was inconsolable. Literally. He stood by while I frantically tried to re-insert Joe's leg into it's socket. "Joe, Joe!" The cries continued from my little boy. Tears rolled. His pleading eyes met with mine. He was trusting me to make him better. My heart broke in a thousand peices.

"Fix, Mama, Fix... JOOOOOOE" *sob, sob*

"Oh Mikey, if there has been anytime when we need you to be home... it's now!!" I thought.

"We need you!!!... JOE needs you!!"

Well, all the medical attention (and prayers) didn't work (really... we sat at the table, held hands, and prayed for Joe to be healed right before we said "Thank you Jesus for this dinner" and "Bless Daddy while he travels.")

Joe is now hidden on my boy's top bookshelf. My only hope is that my compassionate boy will forget about Joe until we can fix him or find a replacement Joe. *gasp* As if the Joe shaped hole in our hearts could ever be filled by just any plastic soldier...

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