13 September 2009

Sundey Chair

Today is Sunday, and I decided it's time to spent a few hours in my Sundey Chair.

The tradition started a few years ago, when Mike and I settled into our little house just north of downtown for the first time. Sunday afternoon would roll around... he'd be tinkering around the house and I'd relax, read, snooze, and veg in my Sundey chair. Sometimes all day. It was glorious.

What makes a regular chair into a Sundey Chair? Well, first you must remove the cushion on the back. This makes it a really deep chair... perfect for sinking in and snuggling with a pillow and blanket. Second, you must stack all your supplies within arms reach. Books, computer, Sunday's ads, telephone, candle, and a hot drink are all necessary. Just so long as you don't have to get up for any reason. Any reason at all.

So, today... here I am... lounging, enjoying a couple hours I have before my peanut wakes up from his nap. My Sundey Chair doesn't see many visits from me these days... life's pace is a little different with a toddler... but oh, am I happy to be spending time here today...

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