04 October 2009

Bubble Gox

52. The house was 52 degrees when we woke up on Saturday! Burrr!! Actually, Mikey was all bundled in a quilt on the couch and I felt fine. This little heater in my belly is really keeping me warm!

Anyway... it was the day of the Harvest Festival... but it was so cold! So, we bundled up! I explained to H that it was cold so he had to wear more clothes than he EVER had in his entire life. (That would be a long-sleeve onesie, a sweater, a vest, and jeans) And that he would also get to wear two pairs of socks! Double socks!! Yay!!! I made it sound so fun!!

"Bubble gox?" he asks

"Yes dear, you get to wear double socks today because it's sooooooo cold outside!"

"Ohhh... bubble gox."

And that was the beginning of it. The end of it has yet to come! Since then it's been bubble gox
this and bubble gox that.

I love my boy and his bubble gox. He makes me smile.

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