04 October 2009

He's One of Us

It was one of those afternoons. When I had things to do and H wanted to do them ALL right alongside me. So, when we went downstairs to do laundry and he didn't come back up with me... I asked no questions. Can you blame me really? He was playing alone! (and, I did know that there was nothing that could harm him down there!)

A little while later, the silence was killing me (and giving me LIFE all at the same time) and I decided I should investigate.

This is what I found.

Yes folks. My son is certainly is one of us. He's totally 'into' games as much as his Mommy and Daddy!

And, I'll have you know... I took this picture and then made no effort to stop his playing. Yes, I had a big mess to clean up later... but I think it was totally worth it! Not only for my peace and quiet but also so he could begin to formulate his Risk strategy.


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