31 December 2009

Our Sweet Christmas Baby

As certain as I was that she was NEEEEVER gonna come out of my belly... our sweet daughter arrived a couple days ago.

Our baby girl was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches at birth.

We are leaving the hospital shortly to go home and introduce her to her big brother and begin everyday life as a family of four.

We feel so blessed and honored to have added this little girl to our family and can't
wait to watch her grow!!

18 December 2009

Repeat Conversation

"H... do you know who is coming to visit soon?"

"Poppi, Home Depot, me?"

"Yes dear, Poppi will take you to home Depot. Do you know who else is coming to visit?"

"Gammi, read books, me?"

"Yes dear, I'm sure Grammi would love to read some books to you."

(We are ALL excited to see our fami
lies in the next few weeks! Whoo-hooo!)

16 December 2009

Sweet Preparations

I love to think ahead. Plan. Anticipate needs. Make preparations. Organize. These things bring joy to my heart! So it should be no big surprise that I have put lots of thought and effort into making preparations for our little girl's arrival. All of my boy's baby things are on the other side of the world so we had to start from scratch! God has really provided through family and friends giving, lending, and gifting us with things baby girl will need (and things that her Mama just WANTS her to have!). Thank you!!

And we have prepared a place for her. Kinda. Mike was the first one to call her a nomad... cause she really doesn't have a place of her own. We have extra bedrooms... but they are gonna be full of visitors (a good thing!!!). So, she has a corner of our room to call her own for now. And a basket of supplies that can follow her around. And her 'closet' is in the hallway! I love it though!

The preparations are done sweet girl! We are ready for you and we can't wait to meet you and share you with the world!

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