17 April 2010

Fuse Box

Today the welders came and did their welding. There was also sawing and cementing involved in day 1 of balcony-shade-construction.

There were no disasters!

But I feel that we may have come rather close.

This (in case you are unable to identify this strange web of wires) is our fuse box[es?!].

I mean, I'm no electrician. But I'm fairly sure that a fuse box[es?!] is not supposed to look like this. Just doesn't seem right. Just doesn't seem safe.

And today the welders had to tap directly into on of the wires in order to run their welding tool.

I think it's a miracle that we haven't had so much as a spark from this [these] box[es?!] of electrical-accident-waiting-to-happen craziness hanging on the wall of our living room...

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